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Keep Your Home Clean During Winter With Our 7 Tips
winter house cleaning

Everyone is happy about the holidays and all the celebrations involved.

But only a few people talk about the problems the winter weather brings to our homes. Talking about a bummer, right?

But, if you confront these inconveniences in time, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.

That’s why we made you a winter house cleaning checklist. Take note

Winter House Cleaning Tips

Prepare your entryway

During winter, much of the mud and dirt enter your home through the shoes of residents and guests visitors.

Also, the wind can push the dirt under or through the sides of the door.

Avoiding this can make all the difference!

Buy a regular doormat or a moister-absorbing mat for everyone to clean their shoes before entering. And hire a professional to seal the door fissures, if there are any.

No shoes in the house

Consider applying this policy. Whenever someone enters your home, there’s to be a small spot to leave their shoes.

This way is more effective than the last one because it avoids the dirt and mud completely. But you better have a warm floor, so you and your guests don’t catch a cold!

Keep the entryways and chimney

If you have a dirty mudroom or doormat, you probably are carrying some sand or fine dirt to your indoors.

Wash your doormat and sweep your entryways to eliminate all mud and slush that accumulates.

Also, if you have a chimney, you better remove the soot before using it for the first time in months and keep a regular cleaning.

Vacuum daily

Keep your vacuum cleaner handy! With all that mud, dirt, and soot accumulating on your floors, winter is when you need to vacuum the most.

If you leave this mess for too long, every time you walk, you’ll be spreading it on all the furniture.

If possible, vacuum or wash all your doormats to minimize the amount of indoor work.

Keep your pets clean

Pets that venture outdoors can bring mud with them, especially in their legs.

One of the best winter home cleaning tips you can apply is putting a towel near the door.

That way, when your four-legged friend wants to enter the house again, you can do a quick rubdown on them.

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Change your HVAC filters

Winter is an excellent time to check your air conditioning and air filtering system.

In fact, the sooner the better, because during summer and autumn, your HVAC system surely collected substantial amounts of dust.

Clean thoroughly, particularly behind registry covers. That will benefit the air’s quality of your home, especially these days when windows and doors are closed up.

Have your chimney swept

Before you start using your chimney this winter, you better make sure it’s well cleaned.

The reason: having a dirty fireplace can affect your air quality, and it even increases the risk of a chimney fire.

Sometimes the fireplace’s walls can be challenging to clean, so be sure to look up for a tutorial or contact an expert.

Better safe than sorry! Surely, if you follow these tips, your house will be clean and safe all winter.

And, whenever you need help with your cleaning chores, contact us for a professional cleaning service in Alexandria, VA

Evelyn Portillo

Progressive Cleaning Corp has been helping homeowners with the house cleaning since 1998. Founded by Evelyn Portillo, who to this day remains the main point of contact for the business. Located in Alexandria, VA, PROGRESSIVE CLEANING CORP serves Northern Virginia, Maryland, and parts of Washington, D.C.


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