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Progressive Cleaning Corp.

PROGRESSIVE CLEANING CORP has been helping homeowners with the house cleaning since 1998. Founded by Evelyn Portillo, who to this day remains the main point of contact for the business. Located in Alexandria, VA, PROGRESSIVE CLEANING CORP serves Northern Virginia, Maryland, and parts of Washington, D.C.

Alexandria, VA 22309




I love soaking up my beautifully clean home on the days the Progressive team comes. The team of three (individuals change, of course) has consistently been professional, thorough, and so fast! I highly recommend their services.

This company has been out to clean our new house twice now and I am extremely impressed at the work their team has done. Not only is it the first service my wife and I have ever used that didn't feel rushed, but in a home of about 4000 sq ft, I can't find any area they didn't address. They even did several tasks I didn't expect of them. My daughter is a typical 10 year old and her room is pretty much a wreck. They picked up everything in her room and left it in better shape and more organized than when we moved in. On top of the thoroughness of their work, their rates are very competitive and we couldn't find any place that could beat them.
Adam M.
We've used Progressive for a few years, they are thorough and nice and do a really wonderful job. Evelyn, who runs the show, is extremely responsive, and flexible when we need to make schedule changes. Highly recommend!
Jennifer W.

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