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Relaxed Move-Out Cleaning with House Cleaning Alexandria VA
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Moving homes can be exhilarating but also stressful time, particularly when you need to clean up the property that you’ve left. Move-out cleaning is not just a matter of tidying up but also an opportunity for you to secure the payment from your bond.

A professional move-out cleaning by Progressive Cleaning Corp can help you achieve a stress-free moving experience however, you could be thinking of how long it’ll be to have your property clean and ready to be inspected.

What is Move-Out Cleaning?

Move-out cleaning is the professional cleaning of the property prior to the tenant’s departure.

The purpose of this type of cleaning is to make sure it is left in the same condition as it was before the tenant moved in, thereby making sure an amount of bond is returned in full.

How Much Time Does Move-Out Cleaning Take?

The time frame for move-out cleaning depends on the size of the property and the level of maintenance required.

It can take between 4 and 6 hours to wash a two-bedroom apartment. However, larger homes could require eight hours to tidy.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Move-Out Cleaning:

  • Peace of peace of mind: A professional house cleaning service in Alexandria, VA will ensure that your home is kept up to a professional standard and that you’re more likely to get the most from your bond.
  • Time-saving: You could save time by employing a professional cleaning service as they will clean your property much faster than you would be in a position to.
  • A stress-free move is stressful enough without worrying about the cleaning. Hiring a professional move-out cleaning service will take the anxiety out of moving.
  • Bond return guarantee: Progressive Cleaning Corp. provides a bond return guarantee, meaning that if you have any issues regarding the cleaning process, we will rectify the issue at no cost to you.


What is move-out cleaning involve?

Move out cleaning includes thorough cleaning of the house, including the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, and outdoor areas like balconies and courtyards.

Do you think Progressive Cleaning Corp. provide all the cleaning equipment and cleaning products?

Yes, we provide all the necessary cleaning equipment and equipment to ensure that your house is maintained to the highest standard.

What happens if the property doesn’t pass inspection after the cleaning?

Progressive Cleaning Corp. provides a bond return guarantee. This means that If there are any problems with the cleaning, we will rectify any issues at no additional cost to you.

Can I reserve Progressive Cleaning Corp. for move-out cleaning on weekends and after hours?

Yes, we provide flexible schedules and can even allow end of lease cleaning on the weekends or during off hours.

Move-out cleaning is an important element of the process of moving and can have a significant impact on the return on your bond.

When you engage a professional house cleaning service in Alexandria, VA, you can ensure that your property is cleaned to a professional standard and that you are in peace of mind during the already stressful process.

By hiring Progressive Cleaning Corp you can enjoy a stress-free moving experience and also enjoy the bond refund guarantee.

Get in touch with (703) 718-0787 today to book your move-out cleaning in Alexandria, VA.

Evelyn Portillo

Progressive Cleaning Corp has been helping homeowners with the house cleaning since 1998. Founded by Evelyn Portillo, who to this day remains the main point of contact for the business. Located in Alexandria, VA, PROGRESSIVE CLEANING CORP serves Northern Virginia, Maryland, and parts of Washington, D.C.


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