6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Cleaning Company in Alexandria
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6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Cleaning Company in Alexandria, VA

It’s no secret that your property – be it residential or commercial- relies on professional cleaners to maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and a welcoming environment.

They play an important role in efficiently and effectively removing all the dirt, dust, and stubborn stain marks to enhance the overall appearance of your property.

But, before hiring a professional cleaning company in Alexandria, VA, there are many things you need to consider.

Nobody wants to end up stuck with a cleaning company that can’t stick to what they claim.

Well, that’s why we’ve come up with this guide to help you with some questions you can ask when hiring a cleaning company in Alexandria, VA.

6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Cleaning Company in Alexandria, VA

1. For how long you’ve been in this business?

Ensure that the cleaning company in Alexandria, VA, you’re considering hiring has been in the business for at least 5 years.

You don’t want to hand over your cleaning project to someone who doesn’t know how to hold a mop or vacuum, right?

So, feel free to ask how long the cleaning company has been in the industry and how experienced their team is.

2. What cleaning services do they offer?

Don’t be afraid to ask the service provider about what types of cleaning services in Alexandria, VA, they offer.

A reputed company generally provides residential cleaning, construction cleaning, move in/out cleaning services, and more.

So, consider hiring one with expertize in handling different types of cleaning projects.

3. How much do they charge?

Ensure to get a quotation from the cleaning company beforehand to explore different options and choose the one that fits your budget and needs.

In most cases, the cleaning company might be willing to check out the area and the condition before providing the quotation.

4. Are your cleaners trained?

Ask the cleaning company in Alexandria, VA, about how they train their employees and what quality standards they follow.

The more training and certifications they have, the better for you.

Also, they should be able to perform the cleaning tasks considering the safety of themselves and the others around them.

5. Are they insured?

Almost all cleaning companies are insured. But do they have an insurance plan that covers you as well?

This is an important consideration, so you can rest assured knowing that the plan will cover everything if anything terrible happens.

6. Will you provide everything in writing?

It’s essential to create a contract for everything that is included in the deal.

Read the agreement thoroughly, highlight the points you’ve not understood, discuss everything and ask questions.

That way, you can have a note of everything you can expect from the cleaning agency.

Final Words

Hiring a professional cleaning company in Alexandria, VA, can take a lot of the stress away from your shoulders.

But, you need to be smart enough to choose a reliable service provider so that you don’t end up in regret.

So, what are you still waiting for? Hire professional cleaners in Alexandria, VA, and get your residential space transformed like never before.

Evelyn Portillo

Progressive Cleaning Corp has been helping homeowners with the house cleaning since 1998. Founded by Evelyn Portillo, who to this day remains the main point of contact for the business. Located in Alexandria, VA, PROGRESSIVE CLEANING CORP serves Northern Virginia, Maryland, and parts of Washington, D.C.


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